Understanding and Remediating

Vision and Learning Problems 

Online Course


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This online module is specifically designed to support SENCO, teachers and support staff to identify, assess and remediate

It is estimated that up to 70% of children with learning difficulties have visual processing problems

This module will provide you with the professional knowledge, training skills and resourcing to identify, assess needs, make specialist referrals and remediate vision problems impacting student learning. Developed in conjunction with behavioural optometrists Ian Finch & Stuart Warren.


The online module will offer:

  • Understanding visual processing problems and underpinning weaknesses, including:
    • Visual discrimination;
    • Visual memory;
    • Visual sequencing;
    • Visual closure;
    • Visual figure ground;
    • Scanning and tracking;
    • Irlens.
  • Identification, assessment and referral.
  • What is a behavioural optometrist assessment and why is it important?
  • Resources and remediation strategies to provide vision training for identified students in an ?in school? setting.

This module is designed:

  • To teach school staff how to identify students with visual problems and where to refer them.
  • To provide a visual training programme for SENCO?s, teacher aides and other staff to remediate visual problems at low cost.
  • To give schools a resource kit to use for visual training

Included in the package:

Access to the online course for 3 months from registration

A full resource kit for remediation

Follow up Skype session to discuss school needs and direction

The cost of the programme for individuals wishing to do the module in 2021 is $295.00 plus GST.


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