Managing Programmes for At-Risk Writers

Online Module

Set your school up for success!?

This online module is specifically designed to support SENCOs and teachers to identify students, design, implement, manage and monitor writing programmes to accelerate achievement in at-risk writers in school wide or classroom programmes.


This course will provide you with the professional knowledge, resources and skills to:

  • Assess programme suitability.
  • Implement the 7 excellences in teaching.
  • Understand the components of successful writing programmes.
  • Identify the needs of students you are working with.
  • Implement effective tutor writing training for support staff, community volunteers and parents.
  • Know and carry out the steps to establish an effective writing support programme.
  • Monitor programme effectiveness through pre and post testing.
  • Develop and supporting your tutors.

Included in the package:

Access to the online course

The Brenda Lofthouse Parent Tutors in Writing Resource Book Mentoring and support to design, implement and manage the programme

The cost of the programme for individuals wishing to do the module in 2021 is $295.00 plus GST.


Tutor Writing Online Course

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