Specialist Teacher Two Day Workshop

Rotorua Thursday 11 October and Friday 12 October

(Week 2 of holidays)

A unique opportunity for SENCO, RTLIT, Teachers and specialist teachers who wish to advance their skills on these topics.

Day 1: 9 am ? 5pm
Thursday 11 October 2018


Workshop 1:

  • Understanding at risk learners, (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, students on the autistic spectrum, those with ADHD and auditory and visual processing difficulties)
  • Underpinning cognitive weaknesses. Excellence in teaching for at risk learner groups.

Workshop 2:

  • ADHD characteristics, understanding, school and classroom support

Workshop 3:

  • Multimodal approach. Social, emotional and behavioural aspects of learning difficulties. Addressing anxiety.


Workshop 4:

  • Screening assessments, analysis and planning next steps.?

Day 2: 9 am ? 3pm
Friday 12 October 2018


Workshop 1:

  • Interpreting SPELD and specialist assessments
  • Differentiated teaching, accommodations and strategies


Workshop 2:

  • Case studies ? Individual and group learning plans
  • Planning differentiated classroom programmes


Workshop 3:

  • Option (a) 1-1 specialist teaching tutoring
  • Option (b) ? Training in implementing and managing class or school wide programmes

A course certificate for this two-day specialist teaching course will be provided.

Cost $300.00 plus GST for the 2 days.

Morning tea provided each day. Bring your own lunch.

Course accommodation for those who need it can be arranged at Millennium Rotorua. (Cost additional)

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Two Day Specialist Teacher Workshop

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