Online Screening Assessments via Zoom

Do you have students who are not progressing as you would like them to despite having had significant extra support?

Do you wonder what you can do with them next?

To answer these questions, we have been working with schools, learning support coordinators and SENCOs to:

Complete screening assessments with students to identify underlying difficulties

Make recommendations for the classroom and additional in school support

Make recommendations for referrals needed


 Zoom session 1 –  Introduction to the screening tool and training staff

 Zoom session 2  –  Zoom assessment of 3 students

 Zoom session 3 – Zoom assessment of 3 students

 Follow up written report for 6 students

 Trained staff undertake screening assessments and scan and send tests

 Zoom session 4  –  Team analysis and discussion of school completed assessments 


The costs include all the above sessions and reporting: $1350.00 plus GST

(Variations to the process possible for schools with smaller budgets)

For further information and to discuss your schools training needs –

Contact: Jenny Tebbutt
M: 027 2975164