School Based Professional Development Programmes

Set your school up for success with whole school professional development.

The most cost effective way of achieving whole school training.

Secondary Learning Support and Teacher Aides

Setting Students up for Success

This full day course is designed to give support staff team leaders, learning support staff, teacher aides and literacy assistants a background in understanding at risk learners, identifying needs and implementing strategies, resources and programmes to maximise potential.

Course break down:

  • Understanding learner groups and needs
  • What are underpinning weaknesses and how do they affect student achievement
  • Setting achievement goals
  • Understanding and implementing accommodations and strategies.
  • Creating effective learning environments for at risk students
  • Screening assessments
  • Making referrals
  • Programme Planning
  • Resources and programmes
  • Addressing underpinning weaknesses
  • Monitoring progress

Primary and Secondary Review Programme

An opportunity to review your special education, at risk learners, students with low literacy and numeracy and gifted and talented programmes to raise achievement and improve student outcomes in your school

(students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, high functioning autism, including Asperser?s, children with auditory with auditory and visual processing disorders and ADHD)

Many schools are reporting that the numbers of at risk students are continuing to grow and the systems and resources are not keeping up with needs.


4 key areas determine outcomes

  • School policy – Every school has a special needs policy which covers approximately 3% of the students. Most schools have a gifted and talented policy that covers up to 15% of the students depending on definition. Few schools have a specific learning difficulties policy that covers approximately 22% of the students.


  • Job descriptions – In our work with SENCOs many are operating without a job description and others are saying they wrote their own. Defining the roles for Special Education Heads of Department, SENCOs and Gifted and Talented is vital to maximising outcomes.

  • Self review – Where are we now in relation to special education matters, specific learning difficulties matters, low literacy and numeracy at risk learners and gifted and talented students and where do we want to be? ?Do we have a plan and a time line to get there?


  • Teacher training and support – Do teachers have sufficient knowledge to identify at risk students, assess and determine needs, differentiate teaching and demonstrate student gains through pre and post assessment?


Raising Achievement has devised a process to take primary and secondary school management through a one day review to address these questions.

During the pre email discussions, the one day process and follow up schools can expect to:

  • Review the existing policies you have in place.
  • Draft a specific learning difficulties policy for your school.
  • Review/create draft job descriptions for HOD Special Needs, SENCO and the Gifted and Talented leader.
  • Undertake a self-review in each of these areas based on ERO?s 6 dimensions of effective practice and set priorities.
  • Develop a realistic time line for achievement over 2 plus years.


Jenny Tebbutt and her team are excited to be offering this opportunity to primary and secondary schools in New Zealand and begin some of this much needed work in a challenging area of education.


The cost to begin this journey is just $1,800 plus GST plus travel costs. ?It includes pre visit email preparation, one day consulting at your school and follow up email support in the areas outlined.

Improving Student Outcomes in At Risk Student Groups

Do you have students who are not progressing as you would like them to despite having had significant extra support?

Do you wonder what you can do with them next?

To answer these questions, we have been working with schools and SENCOs to:

  • Complete screening assessments with students to identify underlying difficulties
  • Make recommendations for the classroom and additional in school support
  • Make recommendations for referrals needed


We can see about 8 students in a morning session and 12 students in a day. In addition, we will train the SENCO to use these screening tools and analyse the assessments, so you are able to undertake this work yourself in the future.

The costs include: 

  • The school visit to undertake screening assessments
  • Follow up written report
  • Training of SENCO and other school staff
  • Follow up school support


Whole school professional development – $1,800 plus GST

Primary and Secondary Review – $1,800 plus GST

Screening assessment/SENCO training 1 day –$950 plus GST

Screening assessment/SENCO training day –$1,350 plus GST

1 day School Secondary SENCO/ learning support – $1,800 plus GST

Online Screening Assessment via Zoom –  $1,350 plus GST

Supporting at risk student groups in a mainstream setting

A Day Seminar for Classroom Teachers

Find out:

  • How to identify students with learning difficulties and differences.
  • What it feels like to be a learner with difficulties in a mainstream class.
  • What is best practice in this field and what does the research say?
  • Learn about underpinning cognitive weaknesses and how to teach children who have them.
  • What is differentiated teaching and how do I put this in to practice?
  • Practical strategies and classroom approaches.
  • Hands on work with suitable resources.
  • Meet the needs of students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, those on the autistic spectrum, children with visual and auditory processing delays and ADHD.


Suitable for primary and secondary teachers

For further information and to discuss your schools training needs –

Contact: Jenny Tebbutt
M: 027 2975164