Raising Achievement in Australia

In 2021 Raising Achievement will be based in Australia.
Raising Achievement supports schools across New Zealand and Australia to identify, support and raise achievement for all at risk student groups.

Raising Achievement offers extensive professional development to school management and leaders, supporting teachers with differentiated and targeted teaching, the training and development of support staff and working with parents and families to support their learners. We advocate a structured literacy approach and will be working work Australian and New Zealand providers to assist schools with developing best practice and achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Jenny Tebbutt

Over 20 years experience working with at risk groups in education

Jenny Tebbutt is the Managing Director of Raising Achievement Ltd. She has over 20 years experience working with at risk groups in education. Since 2000 Jenny has worked alongside primary, secondary and post-secondary schools and organisations to raise achievement in at risk groups within the education sector. In addition, she is a past Director of the SPELD NZ Certificate Course in Specific Learning Disabilities and is the current consultant to Education and Achievement Association formerly ADHD Rotorua. Jenny works extensively in New Zealand schools is the developer of the popular courses to be offered in Australia in 2021

  • Management and leadership of underachieving student groups
  • Pastoral care and academic support for Deans and year leaders
  • Differentiated teaching and managing learner groups in the classroom
  • Support Staff – Literacy and numeracy development – Raising achievement and improving outcomes
  • Parents – Understanding your child as a learner and supporting them to success