Parent Support Programmes

Who will benefit from the programme?

1/ To support families with children will learning difficulties and learning differences; particularly those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, auditory and visual processing disorders, on the autistic spectrum (high functioning) and ADHD. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis.

2/ To provide literacy support programmes for all parents who would like a supported literacy programme in addition to school supports.

How will it be delivered?

Fun activities – games and resources. Short sessions that fit in with individual family schedule.

What is the cost??

No monthly or annual fee.
One off cost based on what you need. Unlimited use, ongoing email, Zoom, Facebook, phone support.

One programme $30 plus GST per child.

Two programmes $55 plus GST per child.

Three programmes $75 plus GST plus child.

Discounts for multiple children apply.

For example:

Programme 1 = Screening assessments

Programme 2 = Home Reading Programme

Programme 3 = Home Spelling Programme?

Email/phone with questions/register  Mobile 027 2975164

Parent Support Programmes


Send us an email to discuss your interest in this extensive training programme.