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Welcome to the Home Spelling Programme which is designed to give you a supported programme to meet the individual needs of your child/children.


To support you in this process you will have:

1/ Guided written material.

2/ Spelling lists and recording sheets.

3/ A video modelling a tutor spelling session.

4/ Email/Zoom/Phone/Facebook support

Step one in ensuring that spelling support meets your child’s needs is to undertake a spelling pre-test to determine the letter patterns your child already knows and the ones they still need to learn.



Beneficial Programme Resources

You may have some resources at home – Junior scrabble letter tiles, Bananagrams, Smart Kids games, Quiddler card game or other spelling games.

Additional resources are available from the Raising Achievement website Letter tiles, dice game. The Weird Word Game and the Sound Play CD with 64 games.

If you are unsure of your child’s/children’s literacy levels, see the video on our website: Screening Assessments with Jenny Tebbutt.

Assessments are available on Zoom to assist with identifying literacy levels and next steps for tutoring at home as well as full screening assessments for at risk learners. This will identify underpinning cognitive weaknesses and characteristics of learning difficulties as well as next step recommendations for further specialist assessment and teaching recommendations.



Why this programme?

Alpha to Omega is an integrated reading, writing and spelling programme. Research shows that programmes that are integrated in this way achieve better results.

The programme is multisensory which means that children use multiple senses they hear it, see it and do it. This is particularly important for children with auditory and visual difficulties. Effectively taught the programme remediates these difficulties.

The programme includes repetition and overlearning which is vital for children with spelling difficulties.

The programme is developmental and teaches the spelling patterns progressively.

It is s a structured and sequential programme. A requirement that enhances achievement for at risk learners and those needing additional spelling skills to raise achievement



How does the programme work?

Step 1 An assessment determines the individual teaching sequence for the programme for each child.

Step 2 Fun tutor sessions are carried out daily during home schooling and three times weekly once school goes back.

Each session is based on a word list provided. Each letter pattern has between 6 and 10 sessions. Moving on when you feel your child has mastered the current pattern and is ready for the next.

The programme always begins with dictation words using the pattern of the day and ends with 3 dictation sentences using words with the pattern of the day.



A session and weekly teaching may follow a sequence as follows. Numbers 1/ and 6/ below are compulsory and numbers 2/ to 5/ are multisensory activities and you should complete a few each session.

1/ Dictation words with the patten of the day

2/ Letter tiles make and break words

3/ Dice game

4/ Weird Word Game

5/ Use of any resources or games you have.

6/ 3 dictation sentences using words form the pattern of the day



How do I get set up for the programme?

1/ Arrange for a pre-test to be done for each of your children to determine their needs and order of teaching.

2/ Word lists and recording sheets for each child will be mailed to you.

3/ Decide which resources you will use with the programme. Any resources you want from the website can be sent out with the word lists and recording sheets.

4/ Begin tutoring sessions.

A sample lesson can be seen in the video that comes with the programme. You may want to watch it more than once to pick up all the skills.



How do I monitor the programme?

Using the planning and monitoring sheet sample headings below and full planning and monitoring sheet attached complete the planning using the above information and the Alpha to Omega sample lesson video.


We wish you every success with the programme and are here to help you with support, advice and guidance as you need it.