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Assessment shows:

  • Adequate intelligence.
  • Literacy underachievement.
  • A range of undiagnosed learning difficulties/ disabilities.
  • Unaddressed barriers to learning.
  • Learning styles are not readily catered for in our mainstream education system.



Learner Groups


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The course will offer:

A good mix of both theory and practical. The course runs over a full year starting from your enrolment date. It is designed to support you in your role. There are no assignments or deadlines to meet which allows you to work at your own pace.


Lesson 1: Understanding learner groups and problems identifying characteristics


Lesson 2: The philosophies related to successful outcomes with at risk student groups


Lesson 3: The role of a teacher aide 7 key teaching needs for at risk learners


Lesson 4: The multimodal approach


Lesson 5: Learning differences explained


Lesson 6 -10: Raising Student Achievement Reading, writing, spelling, oral language and numeracy.


Lesson 11: Getting information from class teachers Programme planning


Lesson 12: Evaluating your programme Measuring success