Raising Achievement is an organisation with over 20 years experience in supporting schools and students across Australasia in the area of literacy and students with additional needs. We offer and advocate a structured literacy approach with a strong focus on phonemic and phonological awareness to support learners to high levels of literacy achievement.

We believe that all learner types from those who are gifted and talented, through to mainstream students or those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, on the spectrum, ADHD and auditory and visual learning difficulties as well as those with special needs deserve a differentiated programme that supports their journey to success. Our work assists schools and professionals to develop policy and practice to meet the needs of diverse learners and raise achievement for all.

Jenny Tebbutt

Over 20 years experience working with at risk groups in education

Jenny Tebbutt is the Managing Director of Raising Achievement Ltd. Since 2000 Jenny has worked alongside primary, secondary and post-secondary schools and organisations to raise achievement in at risk groups within the education sector. In addition, she is a past Director of the SPELD NZ Certificate Course in Specific Learning Disabilities and is the current consultant to Education and Achievement Association formerly ADHD Rotorua.

Jenny has vast experience in low decile schools with high literacy needs and working with schools with predominantly Maori students. She has designed and implemented successful transition programmes for Maori students. She has also led a number of projects with schools with moderate learning needs under GSE Enhanced Programme Funding. Jenny previously spent four years on the National Executive of SPELD NZ including a year as President. For the last few years Jenny has offered consultancy to schools across NZ and in Australia.

Jenny is the developer of our programmes, seminars and webinars for Learning Support Coordinators, SENCO’s, Teachers and Teacher Aides and parents and works full time with the team presenting courses and consulting throughout Australasia

Jenny has a Post Graduate Qualification in Literacy from Massey University and she is in the process of publishing her first book, The Wobbly Kids. Raising Achievement For Those Who Learn Differently – A Guide for Schools and a Handbook for Teachers will be available in 2021.